Evangelists are people who build a critical mass of support, awareness & engagement for a product, technology, platform, or a company – then establishes it as a standard in a market by creating mini-evangelists out of your users who spread the value of your technology themselves.

Presentations & Demonstrations
Conferences, Tradeshows, Meetings
Documentation, Whitepapers, Articles
Hands-on-Labs, Hackathons
Customize Conference, Tradeshow
Marketing & Marketing Materials


Having an Evangelism “think tank” gives time for creative & innovative research for unique ways to engage that time-starved full-time Evangelists don't have. Evangelist-as-a-Service can also augment or support your Evangelists when they need extra hands, minds, or to clone themselves.

Tracking, Reporting & Metrics
Research & Drive New Audiences
Research New Opportunities
Keep Conversations Going
Fill-In When More Evangelists are Needed


If you’re new to the concept of “Evangelism” and not quite sure of the value it would provide, or you already know you need an Evangelist but don’t have the budget for a full-time employee, you can hire a DataLeader Evangelist-as-a-Service. Or, you can hire an Evangelist for your most important initiatives throughout the year.

“Proof of Concept” Evangelism
Hourly Evangelism
One-Time Event Evangelist
Part-Time Dedicated Evangelist
Full-Time Evangelist-as-a-Service
Consultant (not direct hire)