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When you love what you do and add dollops of passion, you get the talent at DataLeader. Each person at DataLeader embraces challenges and insists on the highest standards for themselves… which translates to the best solutions for you and your business. We’re an eclectic group of artisans that paint the sky with zeroes and ones, dancing in their heads while solving your problems.


Kim Schmidt

President & CEO

About Kim Schmidt

Kim Schmidt is President & CEO at DataLeader.io, a Microsoft Certified Application Developer (MCAD),  a Melissa Data MVP, and a well-known innovator and thought-leader.

Kim is passionate about state-of-the-art technologies, with titles that range from Software Engineer to Program Manager to Marketing & PR to Director of Amazon Web Services /Big Data/Cloud Admin/DevOps to the Director at an Augmented Reality Company. Kim helped spread the global footprint of the first-of-its-kind and currently the largest VR/AR conference in the world, The Augmented World Expo. She’s also published papers for Amazon Web Services on Big Data Advanced Analytics. Kim was half-way to Google Developer Expert in “Wearables”, was voted by her peers as #120 in the “Top 1K in Wearables”, won the “Windows 7 Incubation Week” National Competition, was voted the “Top 75% of Influential People Online” in FastCompany.com, & was “VIP Woman of the Year” at the National Association of Professional Women.

Kim understands the amazing opportunities presented by new approaches, technologies and also understands the challenges with helping people over their reluctance to change their habits. Kim also volunteers her time at Lynn Langit’s TeachingKidsProgramming.org and absolutely loves end-to-end technical events & is known for her unique approaches in doing that.

Lynn Langit

Senior Cloud/Architecture Advisor

About Lynn Langit

Lynn an expert in Big Data Cloud Architecture. She is a Microsoft MVP for Data Platform, an AWS Community Hero, & a Google Developer Expert for Cloud – the only person in the world to hold all 3 titles simultaneously.

Lynn’s favorite technologies are Implementing Architecture for Cloud and Big Data solutions & Training in the same. She is an accomplished book and eLearning author on these topics. She also is the Founder of TeachingKidsProgramming.org, a non-profit helping middle-and-high-school students how to code. Her passion in that space to prepare students to excel in life and future careers is infectious, and the amount of time she spends on developing the courseware, delivering it and trying to get it accepted is US education is to be applauded.

Zoiner Tejada

Senior Technical Advisor

About Zoiner Tejada

Zoiner is CEO at Solliance, a Microsoft MVP, a Microsoft Certified Solution Developer (MCSD) and an advisor to several teams at Microsoft.

He is passionate about leveraging cloud technologies to build web based solutions that run at scale and enjoys engaging the greater community by speaking at conferences and user group meetings, teaching at the University of California San Diego (UCSD), creating online courses (such as “Google Analytics” and “Azure Elastic Scale” for Pluralsight.com), and actively publishing content. Zoiner recently co-authored the book, PROGRAMMING MICROSOFT’S CLOUDS: WINDOWS AZURE AND OFFICE 365 (Wrox). Zoiner has published many technical whitepapers and is a contributing columnist to DevPro magazine’s “All About Azure.” He has a degree in computer science from Stanford University.

James Counts

DevOps & Software Engineer

About James Counts

James is happy to be called a “Code Monkey”. He is an AWS Certified Developer – Associate & has a Master’s Degree in Computer Science.

James is a gifted Engineer on many platforms & different languages. His favorite type of work is Legacy Code Rehabilitation, Cloud DevOps, Database Modernization, Web Development & helping other’s learn by creating technical & coding training videos. He enjoys speaking, is a contributor to ApprovalTests.net & is the C++ & Perl ports of that library. James also volunteers his time at TeachingKidsProgramming.org, Lynn Langit’s non-profit.

Frank La Vigne

COO, Chief Evangelist

About Frank La Vigne

Frank has 6+ years as a Microsoft Evangelist in different positions. He’s passionate about promoting companies &/or their products to clients, partners, developers and potential customers. He’s worked in the government sector in this capacity.

Frank is a developer himself. He is a published author and public speaker. He’s a well-known writer, blogger, and vlogger (video logging) and is extremely talented in making custom, creative branding videos & training videos. He’s a Microsoft “Channel-Niner” & posts videos to “Franks World TV”.

Gerardo Gonzalez

CXO & Branding Director

About Gerardo Gonzalez

Gerardo is one of the best UI/ UX & Branding Designers ever. He’s won many awards from Microsoft for designs and front-end user experience projects he’s done for them.

Gerardo has CEO-level experience running 3 design companies in Latin America. He was on the team with Kim Schmidt during the “Windows 7 Incubation Week” as the designer, & without his skills in making the UI intuitive and appealing to the end-users, we might not have won.

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